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Mike McCall/Shamrock Audio
System plans:

Eilish (requires Adobe Acrobat reader)

Keelin (requires Adobe Acrobat reader)

These are two of Mike's designs for Shamrock Audio. Originally sold commercially, he has generously released them as free plans for DIYspeakers List members.


Geoffrey Dillon
System plans:

Ego (requires Adobe Acrobat reader)

Metaphor (requires Adobe Acrobat reader)

These are two of Geoffrey's renowned designs. Originally sold commercially, he has generously released them as free plans. Originally supplied as Microsoft Word .doc files, I have converted them to .pdf files for maximum portabilty.


Carlos Lorenzo
Driver offset/crossover spreadsheet:

download (requires Microsoft Excel)

Carlos's spreadsheet tool models the frequency response summation of any two-way crossover or two-way section of a higher-order crossover. The driver separation, type, order and frequency of the high- and low-pass sections (independently variable) are adjustable, as are the drivers' polarity.


Ray Wagner/Justus Verhagen/Jean Claude Gaertner
B&G NEO3/NEO8 Plots:

Ray's Response Plot
Justus' Plots
Jean Claude's Plots


Ray Wagner TangBand 28-847SA Tweeter (Parts Express)
Response Plots:

These are curves of the recently discussed TangBand 28-847SA tweeter available at Parts Express. One is the frequency response of the 2 samples I have on hand. The large dip at ~3500 is mostly an artifact of the baffle I measured on (a rougly 4"x4" piece of wood mounted to a 20"x20" baffle which is flush mounted in a wall). The other curve is this tweeter teamed with a carbon fiber coned 6.5" from a Chinese OEM house (Hornsonic). The crossover point is around 3kHz with the tweeter being a straight 2nd order and the woofer being 3rd to kill off a breakup peak quickly. The 1kHz dip in this curve is probably edge reflection but I haven't had time to play with it yet.

2 samples on same graph
Tweeter with 6.5 Cone


Steve Houlihan - SoCal Gathering Photos

Main Room
High Efficiency Room

Jeff Keyes/Steve Sedmak - Vifa DX25 Tweeter Response Plots:

Steve's Response Plots
Jeff's Response Plots


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